The largest collection of Telecommunication Memorabilia in Queensland.
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We have a very good collection of small working Telephone Exchanges on display.  Some of these are shown below.  All of the pre-automatic exchanges required a telephonist to connect subscriber to subscriber or subscriber to Junction or Trunk circuits.  Strowger, a Kansas City Undertaker invented and patented an Automatic Telephone Exchange in the late 1890's.  These patents were taken up by Siemens Brothers London who developed the Siemens 16 System that was installed in the Brisbane Network by the Postmaster-General's Department, starting in 1925.  Trunk exchanges remained manual until the 1970's when the introduction of LM Ericsson's Crossbar System, Microwave Radio and Interstate Coaxial Cables allowed subscribers to dial their own Trunk Calls within Australia and overseas.  All of these were analogue systems.  Modern Exchanges are fully electronic operating digitally and interconnected by optic fibre cables.

Telephone Exchanges

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