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Morse Code

1861        First telegraph line in Queensland opened between Brisbane and Ipswich and later in  year                   extended to meet Sydney line.

1878        First experiments with telephone conducted in Brisbane on Saturday 26 January. Later in year first successful telephone call  made to Ipswich.                                            
1880        First Govt. owned telephone exchange in Australia cut over in Brisbane on 8th October on ground floor at G.P.O.

1882        First country exchange was opened at Maryborough with 32 subscribers.

1885        Over 300 subscriber's services were connected to the Brisbane exchange.

1886        Bundaberg exchange opened.

1887        Coastal Telegraph Line completed in August between Thursday Island and Brisbane.

1888        The first public telephone office was opened at the Brisbane Post Office followed by others at South Brisbane and                                   Fortitude Valley.

1889        A new multiple switch board was installed at Central and cut over in 1890.

1891        Charters Towers exchange opened.

1893        First section of the Pacific cable from Burnett Heads to new Caledonia.

1894        Telegraph station at Paterson moved to Peak Point now known as Cape York.

1895        The Govt decided to obtain the services of an Electrical Engineer from abroad.

1896        During the year ended 30 June the number of subscribers on Central Exchange reached 600 and the number of calls averaged 6500 daily.

1897        The first trunk line was put into operation between Townsville and Charters Towers.

1898        A Brisbane - Ipswich line was opened and proved successful. The same year saw the opening of telephone station on the "Phonopore System"

1900        Inauguration of the Postmaster Generals Department (PMG)

1901        The telephone system was vested in the Federal Government. Federation was here.

1902        Pacific telegraph submarine cable laid from Vancouver to Southport.

1907        New regulations were introduced which gave existing subscribers the choice of remaining under the old system or transferring to the measured rate system.

1910        Professor Alexander Graham Bell made a visit to Brisbane and the central exchange whilst the installation of a new C.B. Exchange was in progress.

1912        Transfer of last subscriber from magneto exchange to new C.B. exchange Brisbane.

1923         First interstate trunk line was brought into service from Brisbane to Sydney.

1925        The first automatic telephone exchange in Queensland established in South Brisbane.

1927        Three dial circuits from Ipswich and one each from Toowoomba and Southport were provided to  Albion, Newmarket and Sth. Brisbane Automatic Exchanges.

1928        The first carrier wave telephone system was introduced into Queensland when a 3 channel system was installed between Brisbane and Sydney.

1929        In November Brisbane Central Exchange became automatic.

1932        First Queensland country automatic exchange opened at Cairns.

1940        The installation of an automatic exchange at Rockhampton was completed.

1946        A 12 channel carrier system was installed between Brisbane and Sydney, the first of that type in Queensland.

1949        100,000 telephone subscribers in Qld. The first radio trunk line in Qld between Redland Bay and Russell Island.

1951        The Townsville exchange was converted to automatic working during March.

1952        Teletype (USA)  introduced into Queensland replacing Morse code.

1955        Telex introduced into Queensland for business use.

1959        First point to point STD from Redcliffe to Brisbane and Southport to Brisbane.

1959        Television introduced into Queensland.

1960        First speaking clock system in Brisbane. Intro of the Extended Local Service area (E.L.S.A.) in Brisbane Area. First crossbar exchange installed at Toowoomba.

1962        200,000 telephone subscribers in Queensland.

1963        First broadband bearer system in Queensland. Brisbane to Tweed Heads section of the Brisbane to Lismore Coaxial cable.

1966        Completion of Brisbane to Cairns microwave radio line (Seacom). First single SSB HF radio system Cairns to Weipa.

1968        Cutover of the Brisbane ARM (Crossbar) - STD trunk exchange. 1974 400,001 telephone subscribers in Queensland.

1970        Coolangatta C.B. exchange converted to automatic allowing Gold Coast to receive automatic service.

1972        Remote control TV transmitter station constructed on Mt Bellenden Ker to provide service to Far North Queensland.

1972        Centenery of opening of Overland Telegraph, Adelaide to Darwin.

1974        Completion of Townsville, Mt Isa and Darwin microwave radio system. STD introduced to Darwin. 400,001 telephone subscribers in Queensland.

1975        Commencement of installation of first 10c computer controlled trunk exchange as Woolloongabba. First radio concentrator at Isaac River.

1978        Telefinder service introduced to Brisbane and Gold Coast

1979        Telephone and telex calls transmitted by "Hermes" satelite in demonstrations at Longreach, Emerald and Yeppoon.


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