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Marconi in Brisbane

This report is presented on the official Telegraph Re-enactment Letterhead.
The letterhead was created by us and approved by Telstra, the Brisbane City Council, and the Ipswich City Council. It was made available for all parties to use in the promotion of the event and ongoing publicity. More on this below.
150th Jubilee Celebration of Telegraphy in Queensland.
 After 15 months of preparation and planning the 150 yr jubilee celebration of the first Telegraph message being transmitted in Queensland, between Brisbane and Ipswich was re-enacted with precision.

The Brisbane City Council made the Museum of Brisbane available for promotion and indeed established a memorable display which they kept open for six months. Not only did they return the display material which we had loaned them, they gave us the material they had manufactured to enhance the show. Their efforts were paramount in promoting our museum. We also addressed two public lectures at the Museum of Brisbane. The large photo murals are to be hung on the walls of our proposed theatrette. Radio and television publicity was arranged  by the Council and we participated in these.
Our Museum Website
If you have visited our website lately you may have noticed that we have had over � million hits. With the new publicity we have received lately we anticipate this will greatly increase.
Our New Museum
The progress made with the transition to the new site is there to see. The small backbone of volunteers who are with us now have provided us with so much pride in seeing the development of a completely new image.
 Geoff Battersby has been quietly working away with Leo Moloney getting the exchanges and telephone systems back to life.
Ron Warnock has announced that the Morse telegraph link to other museums is now open. We can now participate in the transmission of telegrams and take part in the telegram program which provides us with a source of revenue.
The installation of a fully functioning "kick back carrier" system is a delight to see. This is one of very few in operation throughout the world. These were an integral part of the telegraph system in the past.
The main room of our old site is being converted into a theatrette.
 An overhead projector will be installed and our existing screen will be used. The previous telephone display room has been converted to a reference library and reading room.
We recently received a complete set of Brisbane telephone directories dating from 1967. These are in our library and this means we no longer need to refer enquiries to the State Library. The addition of all later issues should be collected and added to this base. These are a valuable resource for historians and genealogists.
We are keen to have visitors again and hopefully in numbers that our new setup can accommodate. Wheelchair access to the museum and the toilet is a huge benefit that will make our place more user friendly.
The completion of the museum is anticipated to be in December Another opportunity to gain publicity.
Over the Horizon
With the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic next April, we have made contact with the Maritime Museum of Queensland in Brisbane with a view to jointly conduct a commemorative display and a public awareness activity through Amateur Radio. They have received this idea favourably and we are to have follow-up meetings. This will be an opportunity to again put our museum in the news and gather more publicity, and attract more members. We have sufficient material to create an impressive display acknowledging the contribution by Marconi to communication in the 20th Century.
With the anticipated increase in the number of volunteers we hope to increase the days we are in attendance.
Using the Post Office within the museum we hope to make retail sales of souvenirs etc. for which we do get asked. We have asked Australia Post to provide us with postage pre-paid souvenir post cards that we can sell. Perhaps recommission Albion as a legitimate P.O. (we already have an Albion date stamp).
I would like to thank all those who worked tirelessly to make all of our projects over the last year so successful. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Bevan McAleer
Postal Telecommunications Historical Society Of Queensland (Inc.)
24th August 2011.

                                 13th April 2011

      Our Society is taking the opportunity to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the first telegraph line in Queensland.
When this line was opened between Brisbane and Ipswich in 1861 telegrams were exchanged between the Mayors of both Municipalities.
     It is our intention to recreate this event and we have the Mayors of both Cities and Telstra supporting the event. We have secured the help of the owners of the Hotel Conrad, beneath which is the site of the original Telegraph Office. They are providing us with a conference room at no charge and offering display space for museum articles.
      We are in consultation with all parties and this is shaping up to be a spectacular well publicised event.
      Watch this page for further news, or better still, come to the museum any Wednesday and see if there is anything you can do to assist.

This banner was created to advertise the museum while we are making community presentations
to organisations that cannot make it to the museum.  So far we have used it for nursing homes,
a public library's heritage group, Salvation Army Women's League and the Scouts JOTA. We have
more visits booked.

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