The largest collection of Telecommunication Memorabilia in Queensland.
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Volunteer members of the Postal-Telecommunications Historical Society of Queensland operate the museum. The museum is only available for visits between 9am and 2pm (we close at 3pm) each Wednesday.   Bus visits are very welcome. As space in the museum is limited, it is only possible to accommodate a group of up to 32 people. There are four general sections that cater for a maximum of 8 persons at once. A tour of the full collection would normally take about 1 hour but this can be shortened or lengthened to suit special interests.   The society does not make a direct charge but suggests visiting commercial operations and adult groups should make a donation of $1 per head. Any donation directly supplies the museum with office needs that are required to continue our service to the public.   There is ample parking available on site or at the rear in Barlow Street - this provides direct access to the museum. Wheelchair access is not convenient, as there are a few steps between sections. Our exhibits include a mixture of static and operational displays of communication equipment ranging from Morse equipment from the 1860's up to modern teleprinter and telephone items and covering most variations of the intervening period.   It is recommended that organisations considering arranging a group visit should have a representative make a brief prior inspection, or discuss the facilities with us on (07) 3862 2958. or Contact us

Visitors are encouraged to successfully send their full name in Morse code to one of our qualified telegraphists, then, upon payment of $1 receive a most attractive certificate commemorating this outstanding achievement.


THE AIM of a visit to our museum should be to make it a rewarding experience in which students may learn about pre-electric and electronic forms of communications and their historical background. This requires a high degree of co-operation from all involved, including the teachers, adult supervisors, students and the museum volunteers.   BEFORE THE VISIT: It is recommended that a teacher first research the museum facilities (visit or phone (07) 3862 2958 Wednesdays only) and discuss with us the objectives of the visit.   GROUP SIZE:   A group is based on a maximum of 32 students plus a minimum of 4 adult supervisors (including teachers). The students will be arranged into 4 groups plus at least one adult supervisor who must remain with the group and be responsible for the behaviour of students  at all times.   DURATION: A supervised group of 32 students would need at least 1 hour 40 minutes to tour the museum.   DURING THE VISIT:   Students and adult supervisors must obey directions given to them by a museum volunteer . Student bags are to be left in the theatrette or in a designated area. Clipboards for writing notes may be carried by the students during the visit.   OUR AIM is to make your visit an enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially for the students.